Your Ibasho – physical & psychological place at workplace
Namiko Sakamoto

Psychological thinking as strategical thinking?


“Namiko, can you please write a review article?”


“Sure, profesor! You can rely on me!”

「もちろんです(教授)。任せてください!」 read more

Black – Connotation

In our life, nothing is …

black or white?

What you imagine from WHITE, then from BLACK?

Today’s theme?

Working culture in Japan and Czechia!

How quickly you can get to information in other languages?

Before I leave for the first meeting with a company, I’ll check 2 things.

  1. Financial statements if available
  2. Google – just type the company name and see what Google suggests

You know what Google suggests? Usually a hot topic or trend about the company. read more

I am Ninja, no, well, so … HR!?

In the year 3021, how will people work?

No kidding, working people?

You’ll find just working robots!

I’m just making this up? I… I don’t know. I think, at least, the Japanese-style employment system, i.e., a membership-based model might be a minor. read more