Your Ibasho – physical & psychological place at workplace
Namiko Sakamoto

Psychological thinking as strategical thinking?


“Namiko, can you please write a review article?”


“Sure, profesor! You can rely on me!”


My boss is actually a pretty young lady! From her endless academic titles I expected older one, then when I met her for the first time…


“I came to see my professor Mrs…” – It’s me 😄

「〇〇教授と面談の約束があり・・・」– あ、私ね😄

Wow, you’re so young! – You, too. 😄

「お若いですねー!」– あなたもね😄

I’ve been working for almost 20 years, so my professor built her academic career during the same 2 decades. Pretty interesting!



Ibasho in Japanese – You can google the meaning, but for me is a metaphor for a place where I feel comfortable, calm & safe.


Nowadays, we always think about a group – company for our better understanding.


How an individual should be successful at school or at workplace as a part of organization.


If you’re not a team player, you are a kind of a looser. Don’t you feel so?


I like working on many issues & tasks by myself, just for a simple reason. 


I do this and you do something else, then put them together later. This is the most strong part of organization. More labor force, more effective progress.


Well, actually it’s not true…


People are usually & naturally concentrating on keeping a good relation in a group to assure their Ibasho rather than individually working on own tasks.


Keeping a good position = relationship with colleagues is more important than a capable efficient worker.


How difficult to organize people at workplace! 


Someone is worrying to lose a job itself, but another is worrying to lose a good team more than a job itself.



Wow, I should finish my review article, but I just remember how many men are longing for Ibasho at workplace ’cause they have Ibasho at home.


Ibasho – It’s a big issue of work-life balance, especially for men.


Me? I never had to use the word Ibasho in any contexts. My attitude can be like “there is always a place for me wherever I go & stay. If not, I create it by myself.” 


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