“Japanese gentlemen” in the automotive industry
Namiko sakamoto
阪本 なみ子



大切なのは、礼節をどう表現しようかと考えること。 read more

春分 🌸 The Vernal Equinox🇺🇦
Namiko Sakamoto
阪本 なみ子


A Japanese light bulbe joke made by me, so let’s try!

Q: Spring is coming, then how is with constructive criticism?


A: Everyone is crying!

花粉症の季節ですからね。 read more

Black – Connotation

In our life, nothing is …

black or white?

What you imagine from WHITE, then from BLACK?

Today’s theme?

Working culture in Japan and Czechia!

How quickly you can get to information in other languages?

Before I leave for the first meeting with a company, I’ll check 2 things.

  1. Financial statements if available
  2. Google – just type the company name and see what Google suggests

You know what Google suggests? Usually a hot topic or trend about the company. read more

Blogging Life of a working mom!

“Impossible” to “Possible”?

Somehow nice to find out success of others!

when I was young, I decided not to be a housewife/homemaker !

Let me apology in advance. I have no intention to offend anyone. I thought so when I was a student and actually I lived with this decision and never stayed at home as a homemaker. read more

Japanese translation?
Namiko Sakamoto


その道に明るい(そのみちに あかるい)

=You know well about (respective) matters.

If you practicing Japanese conversation, writing or you often translate news articles, you should know formal expressions and trend – colloquial. I recommend Globe.Asahi. Here is a concrete example with the expression “Cultural Appropriation”. Let’s try! read more

今更ながら日本でよく見られる『不当労働行為』とは? (日本語/EN)

Overwork’s almost killing us & more…


どうして、このような状況が日本の大手企業において成り立つのでしょうか。 read more

Japanese single moms business activities

How many single mothers are in Japan?

1,230,000 households

(Single father households are 187,000.)

The child poverty rate of Japan according to OECD, 2018 is 13,9 %.


I met on Twitter some successful single-mother startups! If startup is not a suitable expression, sorry, it should be replaced by “as a freelancer” or “as a CEO / Managing Director”. But such kinds of activities were seriously new & fresh that I was fascinated! read more