Blogging Life of a working mom!

“Impossible” to “Possible”?

Somehow nice to find out success of others!

when I was young, I decided not to be a housewife/homemaker !

Let me apology in advance. I have no intention to offend anyone. I thought so when I was a student and actually I lived with this decision and never stayed at home as a homemaker.

I think I was proud of myself, but I never didn’t judge others. How l live is my own business and how others live is not something on which I give my opinions.

Easy. The fact is I gained money a lot, but I spent time with my children less.

– Which is happy, more money or more time with children? –

Just through such stupid question into the trash bin.

It depends. Money is money but family is family. If I want both I should find compromise.

I know mamy working moms and of course daddies.

On the other hand, I don’t know so many mothers as homemakers in Japan who have a strong ambition, let’s say coming back or starting a new job after some gaps (more than several years).

When I met Cynthia on LinkedIn, I was fascinated! Her activities and attitudes can change image of “Stay-at-home mom” at the same time she can encourage Japanese society, employers, employees, daddies and moms.

Don’t give up!


Find a way!

Step by step!

Everybody knows that taking care and educating children is the most important for each family and also for the society. Then next step is offering reasonable working conditions to keep work-life balance incl. children care!

I’m grateful to meet her through SNS and hope I can visit her some day!

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