Fortune or Destiny
Namiko Sakamoto




敏感な人、繊細な人、真面目な人が生き難い世の中だと言われています。 read more

Blogging Life of a working mom!

“Impossible” to “Possible”?

Somehow nice to find out success of others!

when I was young, I decided not to be a housewife/homemaker !

Let me apology in advance. I have no intention to offend anyone. I thought so when I was a student and actually I lived with this decision and never stayed at home as a homemaker. read more

Lab Rat


他にもLab(Laboratory) Mouseといった言い方がありますね。ビジネスシーンでも使われます。『うーん、そのプロジェクトで実験用のネズミにはなりたくないなぁ。。』など。 read more