Good luck!
namiko sakamoto

Telling and accepting… upside down?

Power of words is … insecure.

many of Japanese consider phases of encouragement in Japanese like “がんばって!Ganbatte(Good luck on/with…)” or “元気出して! Genkidashite(Hang in there!)” NEGATIVE.

Reasons – examples:
– I did my best! You don’t know at all, so don’t dare to give me any cheap words, OMG!
– I always make efforts… But still not enough?
– I wasn’t good, I’m not good and I’ll never be enough good, so no luck, no effort, everything is waste of time.
– He/she is just superficial. It’s the same as brabrabra…

People are intended to take “whatever” negatively.
You may know such situations…

So far, every single word of encouragement made my heart warmer.
I still like those typical phrases in Japanese, on the other hand I’m aware that communication is not just making myself satisfied, making the counterpart satisfied as well.

It’s hard, right? 

The original song of this reel “Sukiyaki” is called in Japanese “Ue wo Muite Arukou” by Kyu Sakamoto.

So look up and go forward!

BTW, Prague is sometimes … too beautiful. Don’t you think so?

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