RECRUITING by 16 buses

“How do you set up STRATEGY INSIGHTS?”

Do you find any companies which promoting recruitment by cars, buses or trucks on the street in Europe?

In Japan “Yes”, mainly in Tokyo. 

VANILLA cars with flashy pink paints and loud but rapid rhythmical theme song hypnotising Japanese want to hire you …

in the SEX INDUSTRY, of course men and women, both are eligible!

Their catchphrase is HIGH SALARY, more than the best keyword for Japanese.

This song went viral among children as well … 3.5 million PV. 

Vanilla characters like mascots and fun goods are popular as well as cars and songs, look at the official website.

Sorry, today’s topic is not about powerful sex industry in Japan although all (!) Japanese incl. me believe the productivity and GDP of Japan will go down once we ban or strictly regulate this industry….😅

🍀Maybe, a good opportunity to check out statistics in your country? 

Business is a loop and never-ending railways💫

Men and men and men and men and…

I as a business woman have to maintain following information;

1) the ruler in the industry

2) standards which are common among clients

3) unwritten rules

Easy, those factors were, not only in Japan, determined by men.

Then I had to learn psychology of men and actually it was not difficult to me as I kept close relationship with men from childhood, with daddy, brother, male friends, teachers, coworkers, boyfriends.

BUT, those all around me behaved to me nicely. I am happy with that, but I need to learn psychology of men who hate or underestimate women, consider women as housekeepers or sexual goods.

Their attitude and golden rules codified by those men govern today’s ineffective mechanism of male-dominated society. 

🍀 If I have to learn something quickly which is not so interesting to me, the best way is ASKING and MEETING, i.e. collecting maxim number of models (=N). If it’s about psychology of men, checking the sexual industry is the best and fastest way.

If you’d like to quickly learn psychology of women, do you know what do you have to check❓ 

BEYOND and BEHIND industries

The sex industry is a smart example to explain this fact that connection or direct engagement of gangs is apparent. But the sex industry is not only one, but one of them. There wouldn’t be no industry where Japanese gangs – Yakuza / Boryokudan – are not involved. 

FYI: It’s said the Japanese largest crime syndicate Yamaguchi-gumi is the 2nd income-based successful gang organization in the world.

🍀Many studies and articles about crime syndicates are available online. 

This gang world is, again, male-dominated society. 

Don’t worry, Be happy…

that now you understand the system of the society more than before.

If you create a system which satisfies the majority of users in 55%, you should figure out problems.

If you’d like to work effectively and maximize your capital, you should set up strategies based on analysis of existing problems and issues, with focusing on future development.

If you worry or lazy enough to ignore another side of human society and industries, you cannot provide useful and valuable advises. 

I’m always the one who comes with unpopular opinions with a realistic view and support your business. 

My main contribution to clients is saving their time, concerns and budget and from this point of view I’m successful. Figures and takeaways told so. 

If you need any assistance, I’m happy to connect with you. 

(Otherwise, please don’t contact me, it’s waste of time for both of us.)←Another side of the society…

CHINA in variety of contexts

A new content business in China has just started and in this business, we Japanese and current issues like releasing water from Fukushima plant are displayed comically. 

A target customer (consumers) is mainland Chinese, i.e. 1.4 billion. I have no intention to reveal what it is as European usually don’t have information about inside of China.

A loop came up again. 

European countries, just government leaders, can suggest or order restriction in business with China, but this is not strategical step.

No capable business person doesn’t care about such decision by those who care their popularity.

Chinese market is attractive. All capable business persons (companies) know it and it won’t change, I guess, during 10 years.

In this case, reaching to the China society deeply is the most effective way. Hope less officers will push their nonsense approach “Don’t visit China!” to scientists. 

More European or American in China, more Japanese in China, otherwise we will always fail in making strategies against China.

Just in case, I have Chinese friends, here and there😊