Delivery Health in Japan – Chapter 1 –

I’ve never met better naming for this specific service. I mean the whole process of the business “how to make money, how to attract potential clients and how people can easily say/call/pronounce without any hesitation” is a model of management theories.




Long time ago.

One of my clients told me. “I need to kick out a (Czech) manager of XX dept.”

OK, so you think you’ll find better one?

“That’s the question! How do you think?”

I think you’ve already checked “Czech standards” and have theoretical knowledge, right?”


Then you wanna hear my realistic opinion, I guess.


Then… (our talk lasted one and half hour.)

After all, the client wanted to hear the conclusion “you’d better not to dismiss the respective manager” and wanted to make sure that his concept is reasonable, economic and …

The respective Czech manager quit the job after approx. 2 years AS THE CLIENT EXPECTED.

The last factor of the concept was PROVISIONAL.

We talked that if the top management would tie up the manager with concrete tasks and he/she could not find easy excuse, he/she will be upset sooner or later and try to escape from the situation = try to find a new job. So it happened.

In this way, I prefer long-term corporation with clients and think together of future stage in 5 years or so rather than offering the best option valid only for now.

I always say to all that you can contact me later whenever you feel like to complain about my services. I have no where to run 😊


So what’s the header?

It’s something with my new specialization or my affiliation – Olomouc University Social Health Institute (OUSHI)?

Here, not yet.

Let’s start with something “”better known” about Japanese in Europe. So how is the word Settai in Japanese?

Settai can be much important that work itself. No, correctly, Settai is an important part of your roles if you work at HR dept. or Sales dept.

Settai is a business entertainment or my explanation isan evitable meeting out of business place and an organic arts/show.

Just briefly, you as a supplier is expected (it’s not controversial to write “obliged”) to invite your customers or potential customers individually and entertain them.

It’s not just going a dinner or golf together. The event should connect you both closely or build intimate relations.

Typical venue of Settai is in a hostess bar or club. Having dinner, plying golf or taking a short trip is nothing special.


I hardly met a European ladies as managers who were entertained in this way. On the other hand I met (directly/indirectly) dozens of European men as managers who enjoyed Settai in Japan.

Why I know?

Men were too excited that they had to spill out all. They didn’t expect such a world! Interpretation: “I thought Japanese are boring creatures who are programmed to work, nothing more, but their night life was incredible. I envy Japanese!”

In other cases, Japanese showed me photos as evidence of the great result = a new project ordered!


Cross-culture advisory is a very specific field. You need hard skills – profesional experiences with concrete knowledge and also soft skills – insight of the society from some different aspects, an easy example, having a view of a customer and a supplier.

I have deep talks with Japanese managers a lot, actually 98% of them were/are men.

Why? They don’t hesitate to talk with me about settai or night life?

No. I have a simple answer. From my working engagement and businesslike mind, realistic view, acts without emotion (like stone), they take me…

as a man, a fellow with whom they can talk without barriers.

This is my strong point that I’m a gender 200% person in business.

From both sides.

  • How to explain ladies at work that sexy outfit is not appropriate

❌ No you should not use “appropriate“, otherwise the discussion “what appropriate style means” broke out… Then (suggestion).

  • How to explain a male coworker / colleague to stop sexist jokes?

🟢 Some simple solutions – case by case – The easiest way is recording, then ask your supervisor to talk to the respect person. Recording is just an evidence to prevent farther harassment. Don’t tell him that you have evidence. He gets angry (of course) and may threaten that you recorded conversation without my consent. It’s unlawful!


I just enjoy imaging how many people google the header today😊

Are you looking forward to the chapter 2?

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