Japanese translation?
Namiko Sakamoto


その道に明るい(そのみちに あかるい)

=You know well about (respective) matters.

If you practicing Japanese conversation, writing or you often translate news articles, you should know formal expressions and trend – colloquial. I recommend Globe.Asahi. Here is a concrete example with the expression “Cultural Appropriation”. Let’s try! read more

Lost in Translation – revival-
Namiko Sakamoto

From time to time, a visible result makes me happy.

Sometimes I had to stop nad say… OMG. Just one sentence drove me crazy😂

Translating marketing materials is pretty hard.

Let’s see, such technical documentation, financial reports or court judgements give you precise information, but inspirational words or motivational sayings in other language may sound odd, then you should go far to find and search for a kind of an alternative/compromise, think over and over so as not to lose a core of each word , as well as a core of each sentence. read more