Si Yo Fuera un Chico – If I were a boy (2008)
阪本 なみ子
Namiko Sakamoto


Being a girl, then a woman, a mom, a working woman…
In many situations I felt that being a woman was much harder than being a man. 
I just felt so. – My feeling –
Boys & men around me “agreed👍”

So if you agree, can you try do something better for … not me😂, but for your beloved mom, sis, girlfriend, wife or daughter???

Just look a thing from the different view. 

Better working conditions or salary, no pervert & sexual harassment…

There are many things that “you can do” for your beloved ones❣️

It’s by Beyoncé ??? Yeah!

My image of her was a R&B club music queen, exactly as a song “Crazy in Love“although I didn’t know much major pop stars in the world.

I like singing, especially in English.

You can imagine or just look at famous songs. 

(Generally) no terminology, easily understandable lyrics rhyming with good rhythm.  

Nothing difficult, but usually ballad is much harder than cheerful songs. Just a good challenge for me.

At the same time, before, I actually said, some times, “If I were a …. boy (man)!”

“If I were a man, MANY THINGS would be much easier for me.”

I never came with this idea as a serious concern, but I said it to men (boys) ironically. 


Nobody (no man) got angry and gave comments like “Exactly! You’re right😄 I don’t want be a woman.” or “Stay as a woman, please. I don’t want see your male version😄”. 

It’s not that this song is my favourite. I like singing many songs, sometimes in Spanish as well.

This song has, in fact, both English & Spanish versions. Perfect…

What a great point is the Spanish version isn’t a complete translation of English version.

Common sense (easy examples) & rhymes work differently in each language.

In my daily life, I usually don’t translate anything into Japanese if it comes to feelings.

An easiest example. If I speak English, love means “love”, but no “Ai (愛)in Japanese”.

I don’t like translating feelings.

It’s no surprise that your love & my love can state something different. If it’s about joy, sadness, anger, fear … the same.

Everyone feels, not always, not in the same way. It doesn’t matter if we speak the same language or not.

General expectation & general interpretation is the one thing and the 2nd thing is “how I feel” & “how you or others feel”.

The last good point is a phrase only in the Spanish version.

“Los chicos son de molde

Y nosotras somos de corazón” 

It’s not like Beyoncé represented all women / girls in the world. 

She (& her writers) used expressions which perfectly catch heart of speakers in each language. Don’t you think so?

Both versions were bestseller.

Selling activities in English + Spanish = winning a major global market.

This is the last business point. Have a nice weekend!

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