Generation Z, Alpha then… 水金地火木土天海(冥)
Namiko Sakamoto
阪本 なみ子

水星 Mercury 金星 Venus

地球 Earth 火星 Mars

木星 Jupiter 土星 Saturn

天王星 Uranus 海王星 Neptune


The title “水金地火木土天海(冥)”, one sentence with 8 (9-1) ideograms = Kanji characters shows the solar system in Japanese.

It’s just the series of abbreviations (the 1st character of the each planet/dwarf planet).


1 x 1 = 2

In a standard way, we read this sentence as “Ichi kakeru ichi wa ni”.

BUT, in a quicker way “In ichi ga ichi”. We officially learn a quick version of 9 times table (Max. 9×9) at school.


When I talked with a girl who would like to take a university entrance exam in Psychology, she insisted “I’m looking for video lectures (YouTube etc.) for my study, not books”.


As you may know, many from Gen Z watch video at 2 x speed. 

“Generation Z displays strikingly different entertainment preferences than older age groups, according to Deloitte’s 2021 Digital Media Trends survey. Among Gen Z consumers in the U.S. (those currently aged 14-24), video games are their No. 1 entertainment activity — and watching TV or movies at home comes in fifth.” 


We elders talk about (or long for) work-life balance & slow living, but the concept of living and approach of next generations incl. gen Z, Alpha, then more differ a lot.

This diametral generation gap may cause further social issues, or bring a revolution in our society.

As all of us know, we are very flexible if it’s about business, but not so tolerant to changes in our daily life.

TBO, I wanted to learn more about the theory of special relativity by Albert Einstein when I was around 10 y.o. At that time, what I had was a thin book in Japanese, nothing more.

If I were born in this era, I had many chances to learn everything quickly by watching video…

Who knows?

So previous article in english is now in my blog with TikTok (a kind of updated version from Instagram).

Instagram is easy for me as there is a enough space for writing, but not TikTok.

I guess next popular apps will be more oriented for virtual games thanks to/due to metaverse…. then “trends repeat”? I’m sure that a kind of old-fashioned games or life style come back again!

But… I don’t know when. Any ideas?

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