VR Matori?

マトリ Matori

#日本人 の方でも「ピン」と来た方は少ないのではないでしょうか。

I am sure there are not many #japanese who easily come to this word.


Matri = Offices in Charge of the Monitoring, Guidance and Counter Narcotics Division of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

#国連 薬物犯罪事務所によると、#薬物濫用 は世界中で(地域差はありますが)今後も増加する傾向にあるとのこと。

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, drug abuse will increase around the world (with regional differences).


#心理学 研究においてもよく目にしますが、

・ うつ解消

・仲間が欲しくて / 親しい間柄の人に勧められ



I often see this in psychological #research as well. Many young people start using drugs

∙ Depression relief

・to make companionship / encouraged by a close friend

・as a part of fashion, to be “IN”.


Above introduced a video – simulation goggles reproduced the visuals by ecstasy (MDMA) use.



When I watched the video, I was impressed that I was able to walk around relatively wel, but my brain was confused, my head hurt, and I felt sick.

The sick feeling continued for several hours.




It is not effective even if the office hang a banner “Drug abuse is a crime!

If we are targeting young people, we need to make them interested in drugs in a “playful” way, and then add awareness-raising and education as a seasoning (but main purpose).

They live in the world where they can find out what they are interested in on the Internet. At the same time they live in the world where they can just “go through” what they are not interested in.



So, I took advantage of my background in #czechia to create a video.

As a result, I was able to immediately catch attention.


This is not my major either, but having heard from my colleagues how difficult to treat drug addiction,I just thought the right opportunity.


Treatment is a last resort. I would believe in our society which focuses on #prevention and #education .

📸プラハ市警察のバイクがかっこいいと思ったら・・・ #honda


Honda cool bike belongs to Prague Metropolitan Police.

So accelerate our soul to a new week! (Not so #eco ?)