The Arts and Mystery
Namiko Sakamoto

“Honestly, I don’t understand you at all.

Please don’t take me wrong. I don’t mean that I don’t like you or something like that. Just, just… we are totally different!”


Don’t you think the arts are similar to the interpersonal relationship?

– Hard to understand

– Hard to describe LOGICALLY why you like/dislike it/a person

All of pictures are works of one of the most world-famous painters.

Did you fall in love with them at first sight?

Me? Not.

I came to the museum since I admire the painter. I wanted to observe his works.

Actually I though as a school girl: “where you find differences between my paints and those of this famous painter?”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who though so. Maybe every child?

Then it’s good time to learn the background – about history, life of the author/artist, countries where he/she lived and technics.

If you apply this procedure to understand others and invest your precious time, you’ll definitely come to the conclusion that everyone can understand each other (I don’t mean “like”, but just “know well”), it just takes time and it depends if there is your will and will of the other person.

My conclusion?

Life i too short to understand all of people in this world.

I should always set my priority, but shouldn’t forget that other views or values exist.

Not necessary to admire, but respect and accept others.

You enjoyed a short tour in my psychological museum?

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