LGBTQ – Memory from my part-time job in Japan
Namiko Sakamoto

Almost 19 years ago. 
I worked at a Japanese pub.
I was the one of the youngest and all other part-time job members were kind to me. We became friends quickly.

One of guys, let’s call him Natsu 1), gave me working instructions & tasks. He was little older than me, like 22 years old?

His way of speaking and behaviour were different than other guys. 
Similar to girls. His best friend at work was a girl.

There was one changing room, so girls mainly used it together.
I and other girls with Natsu always changed clothes together. 

One day, we were only two, I & Natsu in the changing room. Natsu said, Namiko, don’t turn around & don’t look at me😃
I laughed at and replied that ok, I’m not so perverse😁

From this day our relationship changed. How can I call it, like ….. sisters.
He started teach me…
how to speak, walk, smile, etc. like a lady. The world of My Fair Lady.

He talked me (some friends at work) about his boyfriend. 
I didn’t ask anything about LGBTQ theme. Natsu was my friend and that’s all.

1) Summer in Japanese