How bravely Japanese expats sustain overseas business for Japan?💪
Namiko Sakamoto

◆Typical organizational structure of Japanese companies in Czechia (in manufacturing companies)

◉Baby – Young companies (1 – 5 years after establishment) 

Top Management – JPN expats

Middle Management – CZ employees

◉Senior companies (More than 5 years)

Top Management – JPN expats with CZ employees

Middle Management -JPN expats with CZ employees

In the past, let’s say 10 years ago, mother companies afforded to second JPN expats in this way;

1 expat for each dept. (MD, HR, Finance, Purchase, Procurement, Sales, PD, PE, Quality, IT etc.) 

+ short-term support such as engineers and specialists

Nowadays, situation is more severe due to cost reduction. Personnel costs of expats are too expensive and rational trend is hiring the middle management Czech staffs ASAP. 

1 expat for HR & Finance & PD/PE

1 expat for QA 

1 expat for PD

Purchase/Procurement/Sales dept. is managed by the headquarter in Japan or Europe. 

+ short-term support as well

Establishing a new entity in the green/brown filed is something exiting, at the same time, expats bear huge tasks and the responsibility.

Can you imagine?