A picture (painting)
Namiko Sakamoto

Exactly 1 year ago. How is your development during 1 year? 


So many changes! I don’t wanna say like a catastrophe, but hard time. 

Good to recall your past STEPS to go on. 

“Personality” is not simple as described in The Picture of Dorian Gray or Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.


I got confused? 

I’m sure that we all have various kinds of characters and  it fully depends on us how to treat myself and others.Easy. Sometimes I can be Jekyll to myself and the other time Mr. Hyde. It’s not just a made-up story.

If this is a hypothesis or assumption, it could be nice to live in surroundings where I can behave as Mr Hyde.Looking at or though experiences is very hard and unpleasant, but good to face and think about how to utilise experiences.
Things can be more simple if you see it objectively.

Like this picture.

If you don’t know who draw it, you can easily judge, oh I like it or not.If you know the painter, this fact may affect your thought that you feel “I should say it’s good because by the famous painter.”

So, exactly our society and our complexed mind is not SIMPLE.